TZ Punat

Questionnaire for tourists

Research is being carried out as part of the “Strategy and concept of the development of tourism in Punat” project of which this questionnaire is part. We therefore ask you to be so kind as to complete the questionnaire and take this opportunity to thank you for dedicating us your time. By filling in this questionnaire, you will have contributed to improving the quality and development of tourism in Punat, which is one of the most desirable holiday destinations.

Which country do you come from?


Number of nights stay in Punat

Average daily cost per person in Punat

Average monthly income of your family unit

By which means of transport did you come to Punat?

Type of holiday
How many times have you visited Punat before today?

Do you think you will visit Punat again?

What kind of accommodation did you choose?

How did you hear about Punat?

Reasons why you chose to come to Punat

How would you rate your level of satisfaction with regard to what Punat has to offer? 1-very unsatisfied, 5-very satisfied
Kindness of the local people
Kindness of the tour operators
Availability of tour operators
Tour operators’ knowledge of foreign languages
Road links
Local traffic
Car parks
Information received before your arrival in your chosen destination
Information about your destination
Tourist information in your chosen destination
General organisation of your chosen destination
Quality of urban design
Pedestrian areas
Parks and green areas
Historical-cultural heritage
Beach cleanliness and order
Crowding on the beaches
Landscape beauty
Environmental safeguarding
Quality of the water and bathing areas
Proposals for children
Opening hours of banks and shops
Opening hours of catering services
Catering services
Cultural offer
Amusement activities
Sporting activities
Health and beauty tourism offer
Sailing offer
Excursion offers
Local gastronomy
Quality-price ratio
Overall rating of what Punat has to offer as a tourist destination