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The Punat Tourist Board office

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The Punat Tourist Board office

At the office of the Tourist Board of the Community of Punat (Pod topol 2, 51521 Punat) You can find information about:

  • Tourist offer, activities and attractions of the destination;
  • Cultural, entertainment, sports and other events in the destination,
  • Tourist publications: guides, brochures, maps, posters, multimedia materials;
  • Other information regarding the tourist offer of the destination and the tourism development;
  • Check in and check out of residence and about the residence tax;
  • Information for owners of private accommodation.

For this and all other information please visit the Tourist Board directly, or contact us by phone at 00385/51/854-860 , by e-mail: or visit our website: .

The Punat Tourist Board has been established for the purpose of promoting and improving the tourism of the Republic of Croatia and the economic interests of legal and natural persons providing accommodation, food-service and other tourism-related services or performing other activities directly associated with tourism by managing the destination at the level for which it was originally established.
Pursuant to the Tourist Board Act (Official Gazette 55/2019) and the Punat Tourist Board Articles (Official Regional Gazette, 15/202):

Tasks of Tourist Boards

The most significant tasks of a municipal or town tourist board are as follows:

  • promoting the tourist destination independently and through joint advertising campaigns;
  • participating in the process of defining the goals and policies concerning the development of tourism at the destination level;
    participating in the process of creating the conditions for efficient coordination of the public and private sectors;
  • encouraging optimization and balancing of economic, social and environmental benefits;
  • drafting strategic tourism plans and tourism development plans at the destination level;
  • encouraging and participating in destination planning with the aim of improving the conditions for tourist visits, excluding the construction of utility infrastructure;
  • collecting and updating information concerning the tourism offer and accommodation & food-service facilities on a regular basis; publishing tourism-related promotional materials; performing informative activities related to the tourism offer;
  • encouraging and organizing cultural, entertainment, art, sports and other events enriching the tourism offer;
  • coordinating activities of all subjects directly or indirectly affecting the tourism turnover in order to jointly negotiate, define and implement a tourism development policy as well as enrich the tourism offer;
  • encouraging, organizing and conducting campaigns with the aim of preserving the tourist space, improving the tourist environment and protecting the human environment as well as the cultural and natural heritage;
  • encouraging, improving and promoting specific natural and social values that make a particular municipality or town recognizable from the aspect of tourism and creating the conditions for economic disposal of the same;
  • keeping a unique register of tourists at the destination level;
  • collecting information concerning the town tourism turnover as well as weekly and monthly processing of such information;
  • checking and collecting the data concerning the registration of tourist visits (arrivals and departures) with the aim of cooperating with competent inspection bodies in the process of supervising the calculation, collection and payment of the tourist tax and registration of tourists (arrivals and departures);
  • organizing, implementing and monitoring all activities related to the promotion of the tourist product of the destination in accordance with the guidelines of the Tourist Association Assembly as well as the Annual Work Program and Financial Plan of the Tourist Association;
  • establishing a unique tourist information system, a tourist registration (arrivals and departures) system and a system for statistical processing.

The Tourist Board participates in the implementation of the program and activities of the County Tourist Board which are of common interest to all subjects from the county engaged in tourism.

The bodies of the Punat Tourist Board include: the Assembly, the Tourist Council, the Supervisory Board and the President. The President of the Tourist Board is the Mayor.

The Tourist Board operates pursuant to the Annual Work Program and the Financial Plan which are approved by the Assembly and it earns income from the following sources: tourist tax, tourist membership fees, and other sources.

The Tourist Board Office based in Punat, Pod topol 2, is the Tourist Board’s professional service that performs professional and administrative operations related to the tasks of the Tourist Board.