TZ Punat

The Fishing Days

The public festivities known as the Fishing Days are regularly marked in Punat during August. The locals and the guests have been going fishing together for a number of years, competing to see who is luckier with the amount and size of the fish caught. Afterwards, the skillful Punat fishermen and locals prepare the fish on grill or fry it – all those who choose to stay on the shore will have the opportunity to enjoy this gastronomic offer with a glass of fine wine. Some, on the other hand, will not stop dancing. Members of the Punat folklore troupe also take part in the festivities, dressed in old colorful costumes, providing the tourists with the ambience of past times.

We often have events during the summer, such as performances of folklore troupes from the Island of Krk, summer carnivals, theater plays, sporting competitions known as Barufe va dragi, art exhibitions and other events. The Islet of Košljun offers serious music concerts, as well as performances of various harmony -singing groups, which are worth hearing for the specific ambience they perform in