TZ Punat

Opening of the Interpretation Centre STARI TOŠ

Wednesday, 13.10. - Stara Placa, 13:00 h - Opening of the Interpretation Centre STARI TOŠ

The Stari Toš Interpretation Centre is a protected cultural monument considered to be one of the best preserved olive mills on the island of Krk.

The centre houses a permanent exhibition presenting traditional olive oil production and the importance of olive growing for the area around Punat. The exhibition displays interactive content focusing on different parts of the old “toš” (a circular press used for olive oil production), olive harvesting and olive oil production, and archival images with an emphasis on the Punat vernacular. The design of the exhibition is inspired by the aesthetics of traditional utility objects and stylized shapes of different olive tree parts.

OPEN DOOR - 13.-16.10. from 17-20 h