TZ Punat

Notice - eVisitor

Tourist tax 2023 - flat rate deadline 15.7.2023.
Information for owners of weekend apartments, houses and apartments.

In accordance with the Law on Tourist Tax NN 52/2019, we invite all owners of weekend facilities to take advantage of the possibility of paying the tourist tax in a lump sum, and they can do so until July 15, 2023.
The flat rate for the whole summer/year per person is 15.93 eur, for the 1st and 2nd person, and 7.96 eur for other family members.
After 15.7. for all property owners as well as their families, payment is possible according to the overnight stay, which amounts to 0.40 eur (reduced by 70% of the full amount of 1.33 eur).

Applications and payment are made through the online system: