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The island of Krk is known for its beautiful landscape, rich historic heritage, pristine nature, attractive offer of autochthonous specialties and wines with numerous opportunities for active vacation.  

In the past years, with growing interest for active vacation, more and more destinations offer programs including walking, climbing, trekking and cycling.

The island of Krk is intertwined with walking and cycling paths of total length of more than 500 km. Along with promotional materials- maps of hike and bike paths, there are also mobile applications KRKhike and Krkbike which enable search of walking and climbing paths as well as GPS navigation on set routes.

Reflecting the demand and frequent queries, the offer of electric bicycles is growing, mainly through the system of public bicycles in excellent organization of municipal company Ponikve eko otok Krk.

The island of Krk is developing sustainable and responsible tourism emphasizing the ecological segment, extremely important in branding the island of Krk as an eco-destination.

Eighty electrical bicycles are available on the island with stops built in the city of Krk and in all island municipalities. The system allows you to rent the e- bike at one location and return it at a different one. All municipalities are connected with the city of Krk into one unit.

Along with Krk Bike Story and e- bikes, there is also a gastronomic program Krk Food Story with many participating restaurants and taverns, easily accessible by e- bikes.

The hospitality workers have done their best one more time, so let us point to some specialties they offer:

Sea prosciutto, “šurlice” (homemade pasta) with Kvarner scampi; beef steak salad with sheep cheese; prosciutto, hazelnut and fresh cheese pate; lamb rolls in vine leaves; cuttlefish “brodetto”; grilled octopus tentacles; pork sirloin steak filled with wild asparagus; žlahtina wine ice-cream… all these can be tasted from 21 May to 20 June 2021, during the event Krk Food Story, in more than 30 restaurants of the island of Krk.

To make the experience complete, there is a new island project Eko otok Krk e-bicikle (Eco Island Krk e- bicycles) with the possibility of renting an e- bike in one island center and returning it in another. If you reach one of the restaurants by e- bike, ask the host for a voucher that would enable you to deduct the time spent in the restaurant from the price you have to pay for bike rental.

There are many different options, you can actually spend days on Krk Food Story, combining activities, fine tastes, enjoying splendid views.

During Krk Food Story, about 30 restaurants offer more than 150 specialties including delicacies that on their own present a sufficient reason for foodies to come to the island.

Lovers of Krk lamb, fed by aromatic wild plants sprinkled with salt brought by wind, can enjoy prosciutto and sausages made of lamb; lamb rolls in vine leaves; stuffed lamb neck; lamb under the iron bell or on spit; specialties with lamb offal; lamb boiled with local vegetables and many other lamb delicacies.  

Krk prosciutto is protected by mark of geographical origin, at the level of EU. It is cured by Krk “bura” (wind blowing from the north), seasoned with sea salt and herbs. If you want to see the process of curing and if you want to buy it where it is cured, visit Kuća krčkog pršuta in Vrh.

Prosciutto is often accompanied by local sheep cheese. Cheese of  OPG Magriž is aged in walnut leaves or seasoned with rosemary, sage and immortelle.

Platters of prosciutto and cheese are a usual appetizer in almost all restaurants on the island. Another speciality is sheep curd, used in sauces, for pancake fillings and as the key ingredient for local dessert presnac- a cake with fresh sheep cheese.

The island of Krk is surrounded by the sea so delicacies made with sea food are a strong point of almost all island restaurants. Octopus is often used in salads or as carpaccio, its tentacles are grilled, and stews are made with dried one. Calamari is offered grilled with Krk swiss chard and potatoes or stuffed with scampi or prosciutto. The offer of fish is abundant, small fish like sardines is served marinated, grilled and on skewers. You can taste tuna tartare, grilled tuna steak or tuna seared in sesame seeds. Mussels are often prepared in “buzara”, typical local sauce. Kvarner scampi are a delicacy that make the host particularly proud. They grill them, serve in “buzara” or with local homemade pasta, but also marinated in citrus fruit juice, in fish soups or added to sauces used with different shapes of pasta.  

Traditional homemade pasta is called “šurlice”, prepared by Krk housewives using knitting needles. That pasta can be found in almost all Krk taverns, served with different fish or meat sauces.

The island of Krk is also known for its acclaimed olive oil and autochthonous grape sort “žlahtina”, used for making wine for everyday use and for participation and winning at international fairs.

Find about locations offering the mentioned delicacies at the following link: Common menu of Krk Food Story.

Some of the highlights from the restaurants’ menus are:

In Njivice, restaurant RIVICA offers a wide choice of delicacies made with sea food, among which “raw passions” (sea food carpaccio), cream of scampi soup and lobsters from their aquarium.  

In Pizzeria BUKALETA and  Restaurant LOUNGE BAR VEYA , Njivice you can order sardine skewers and different salads, risottos and pastas. They also serve the traditional cake- presnac.   

Restaurant BOURBON GRILL, Njivice  invites you to try dishes made with aged black angus meat in orange and honey sauce.

In Omišalj, in restaurant MARIS they offer tuna tartare, cuttlefish “brodetto” with polenta and lamb chops.

In Malinska, in tavern BRACERA they recommend “makaruni” (local pasta) with cuttlefish, dishes under the iron bell and sea food from their own catch.

In Konoba FERAL, there are “šurlice” and “makaruni” with beef stew and cuttlefish, and also veal ossobuco and fish “ paper bag” with vegetables.  

MULINO , Malinska  offers tuna tartare with avocado and delicacies with Adriatic calamari and scampi.

Restaurant NOŠTROMO, Malinska offers baby lamb soup and boiled lamb; rich soup with fish, mussels and scampi; frittata with spring onions and anchovies and pancakes with sheep curd.

In restaurant PRIMORSKA KOLIBA you can try sheep curd with Adriatic scampi and citrus emulsion, sea food salad with broad beans; octopus with broad bean pesto and figs in sansigot wine with sheep curd cream.

In KUĆA KRČKOG PRŠUTA ŽUŽIĆ you can buy local cured products and enjoy prosciutto, fig and walnut pate, bread with prosciutto, minestrone with prosciutto and spring vegetables; “šurlice” with Krk prosciutto, mushrooms and homemade tomato salsa.

In tavern POD PREVOLT in Milohnići, they offer nettle soup, marinated sardines, brodetto made with dried octopus, lamb stew or lamb under the iron bell and pancakes with sheep curd and honey.  

Konoba PUD BREST, Milohnići offers roast lamb with a side dish; goulash with “šurlice”; “šurlice” with smoked mussels, shrimp and wild asparagus; chicken stew with “makaruni”; zucchini soup; brodetto with polenta and pancakes with sheep curd.

Konoba OPG MAGRIŽ, Kornić is proud of sheep cheeses from their own production and dishes with lamb offal.

In the City of Krk, Konoba ŠIME, Krk offers spring salad with Adriatic shrimp; “šurlice” with scampi and swiss chard; scampi skewers; Adriatic calamari in a pan and fisherman’s “buzara”.

VOLSONIS, Krk offers lamb prosciutto; venison prosciutto; prosciutto and ribs of black Slavonian pig from own production; cured sheep meat; rolls made of lamb in vine leaves; black cuttlefish risotto; homemade ravioli with lamb or pork and many other delicacies.

In Punat, restaurant MARINA, along with a lot of delicacies made from local ingredients, offers octopus carpaccio; ravili with sheep curd in wild asparagus sauce; black cuttlefish gnocchi with salmon and tomatoes and veal carpaccio with grated sheep cheese and black truffle.

Konoba SIDRO, Punat offers beef steak salad with sheep cheese; monk fish in “žlahtina” wine with potatoes; grilled tuna filet with wild local plants; calamari filled with prosciutto, rice, calamari and scampi; octopus carpaccio; “šurlice” with scampi and prosciutto and cuttlefish “brodetto” with polenta.

In RAGUSA, Punat  they are particularly proud of black angus steak from their dry ager and BBQ ribs.

Restaurant BOCOON, Punat  offers lamb shin; “šurlice” with scampi; tuna steak and beef steak Bocoon.

In Baška, in Heritage hotel FORZA,  they offer Heritage burger; "Škartoc" – seabass filet with potatoes and vegetables in paper bag; roast octopus tentacles; lamb chops and pork medallions  in sage sauce.

In  Gostionica BAG, Baška you can taste wild asparagus soup with ricotta cheese; bruschettas with octopus; “šurlice” with wild asparagus, leek and scampi; grilled octopus tentacles and lamb chops with spring vegetables.   

In CICIBELA, Baška they offer a tris of fish mousse, scampi cocktail and octopus salad. They also offer melon marinated in gin with Krk prosciutto and cheese; Adriatic shrimp in Dijon mustard and whiskey; homemade “šurlice” with Kvarner scampi and mussels; grilled tuna with swiss chard; and lamb chops.

Konoba PLACA, Baška specializes in cold dishes with smoked and marinated ingredients including sea prosciutto (smoked tuna on rocket salad); spring platter with lamb sausage and sheep cheese; smoked tuna and mussels; marinated shrimps, octopus and anchovies; and salad with smoked mackerel and spring onion.

Restaurant MOŠUNA, Draga Bašćanska offers lamb and suckling pig on spit. They also offer ox cheeks, roast veal, beef and pork ribs and duck breasts in orange and plum sauce. Lamb knuckle is roasted at low temperature for eight hours. Lamb comes from nearby pastures.

In Vrbnik, Konoba ŽLAHTINA-GOSPOJA, Vrbnik offers “šurlice” and “makaruni” with different sauces, roast Vrbnik lamb, presnac and pancakes with walnuts in sweet “žlahtina” hollandaise sauce or homemade ice-cream made with “žlahtina” wine.

Konoba LUCE, Vrbnik offers lamb soup, “šurlice” with local stew and roast lamb; homemade ravioli with wild asparagus and sheep curd; octopus salad with wild asparagus and feta cheese and local sheep cheese with anchovies in olive oil.

Restaurant VINOTEL GOSPOJA , Vrbnik offers a menu including marinated Kvarner scampi; stuffed lamb neck on fine polenta and chocolate cake with red wine Gospoja on cinnamon cream, all accompanied by Gospoja wines.

In Šilo, in Restaurant NEPTUN ŠILO, Šilo they offer “makaruni” or “šurlice” with scampi or beef stew, cuttlefish brodetto with polenta and cuttlefish risotto.

Restaurant PORTIĆ, Šilo offers homemade focaccia, prosciutto and cheese, grilled calamari and gratinated pancakes with local sheep curd.

Bistro MACAO, Šilo  offers: scampi pate; octopus carpaccio; bruschettas with rocket salad and anchovies; tuna in sesame seed; sea bream filet in aromatized butter sauce and “žlahtina” wine, veal chop in scampi sauce; and presnac.

Creativeness is a quality of cuisine in restaurant SLAMNI, Klimno  and they offer: spring quiche with sheep curd and violets; buckwheat soup with wild asparagus and little dumplings; pork sirloin stuffed with wild asparagus served with wild rice risotto; spring flower salad “slamni” and multicoloured cubes with sheep curd.

Krk Food Story has been realized with participation of TZ otoka Krka (Island of Krk Tourist Board), local tourist boards TZG Krka, TZO Omišalj, TZO Punat, TZO Baška, TZO Malinska - Dubašnica, TZO Vrbnik, TZO Dobrinj, restaurant and tavern owners, Gastronaut and Ponikve eko otok Krk.

All dishes can be tasted until 20 June, some of them will remain as part of the restaurant menus.

Become a part of Krk Food Story, pamper your palate and provide an active gastronomic experience to your body: welcome to the island of Krk.

Link to menu Krk Food Story.  

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