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Exhibition - Friends of the Sea 2022: The Island of Krk from Above

Friends of the Sea 2022: The Island of Krk from Above

In 30 large format pictures, the exhibition presents a series of photographs taken from above, either by a drone or from a plane. It encompasses all major towns and villages on the island, as well as the natural attractions surrounding them.

The aim of this exhibition is to present the architecture of the island of Krk from the perspective of the most excellent pilots who often look at us curiously from above. These photographs allow us, regular people, to visualize, at least for a moment, the unique experience of flying. 

Along with the picture of each destination, the visitors can scan the QR code and connect with the local tourist board, to make this sightseeing more interesting and multi-media based. 

We believe that this spectacular exhibition in the open air would present the island of Krk in its entirety and portray it in all its beauty.

The photographic excellence of the selected authors is reflected in their understanding of artistic aesthetics.

The works were selected by the expert team of the Rovinj Photodays Festival and the authors are: Petar Trinajstić, Sanjin Ilić, Luka Tabako and Marko Paradžik

In collaboration with the Tourist Board of the Island of Krk, as well as all the other tourist boards in the island, the exhibition will be hosted by: Krk, Baška, Njivice, Šilo, Malinska and Punat.



• Krk 3.06. – 17.06.

• Baška 17.06. – 1.07.

• Njivice 1.07. – 15.07.

• Šilo 15.07. – 29.07.

• Malinska 29.07. – 12.08.

• Punat 12.08.- 26.08.


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