TZ Punat


It is always merry in Punat, thanks to the daily events. The entertainment events at the beginning of the tourist season have been associated with the International Regatta CROATIAN CUP for more than twenty years – it is traditionally held in late May, concurrently with the beginning of the art exhibition season in Toš Gallery, going on until the olive harvest in late October. The Summer Events include the promenade concerts given by harmony-singing groups, majorettes and brass bands on the quay, classical music concerts on the islet of Košljun and in the Parish Church, folklore evenings featuring culture & art associations from Croatia and abroad, theater plays and harmony-singing groups’ concerts on Placa Square, public festivals such as fishermen’s nights, summer carnivals and «barufe va dragi», and pop music performances including the summer guitar school.


29.04.,Sunday,          19:00 Classical concert
Islet Košljun Prifarski muzikanti, Kostel, Slovenija
12.-13.05.                   8:00 "Puntarska draga svima nam draga"
Punat-Stara Baška educational-environmental action
25.05.,Friday,           20:30 The opening of the art exhibition
Art gallery "Toš" Nikola Peričić, academic painter
26.05.,Saturday,         9:00 "Around Punat by bike"
School playground educational cycling for school children
25. -27.05.                10:00 International sailing race "CROATIA CUP" 2012
Punat,26.05.,             20:00 Local feast with live music and catering- "Marinero band"
01.-03.06.,                20:00 8. "Alpe-Adria"- Austria, Croatia,Italy, Slovenia
Promenade/Plaza "CIOFF"- International Folklore festival
12.06.,Tuesday,         20:30 Performance of folklore
Promenade FS "Punat" Punat
15.06.,Friday,            21:30 Opening of the art exhibition 
Art gallery "Toš" Silvana Konjevoda, academic painter
16.(23)06.,Saturday, 19:00 Theatre performance - "Heart and walnuts"
National home Company "Štorija"
21.-24.06. "Menus of ours ancestors"
Punat restaurants "Šurlice feast"- presentation of hand made pasta
29.06.,Friday,            20:30 St. Peters day - Local custom
Kanajt mass
Marina Punat             21:00 Performance of folklore- FS "Punat"
30.06.,Saturday,       21:00 Folklore enemble from Slavonia and Srijem
Promenade FS "Golub", Bjelovar
05.-08.07.,     18:00-24:00 Football tournament
School playground
05.07.,Thursday,      20:30 "A capella" concert
Promenade Cour "Rašketa" and "Zvonimir"
06.07.,Friday,           20:30 Opening of the art exhibition
Art gallery "Toš" Neva Pizzul, academic painter
Marina Punat            21:00 "A capella concert"- Cour "Rašketa"
10.07.,Tuesday,         21:30 Folklore evening
Promenade FS "Punat" Punat
12.07. Punat             21:00 Folklore evening - FS "Punat"
13.-15.07.,                21:00 Vesele puntarske noći - live music and catering
Bus station Punat
18.07.,Wednesday,   21:30 Mandolin promenade concert
Promenade Band "Boduli" Punat

19.07.,Thursday,       21:00 Folklore evening - FS "Punat" & band "Boduli"
Marina Punat
21.07.,Saturday,        9:30 Meeting peple from Punat over 90 years
Park with angel
26.07.,Thursday,         21:30 Folklore evening
Promenade FS "Punat", Punat
27.07.,Friday,       21:00 Folklore evening
Marina Punat FS Punat
27.07.,Friday,        21:00 Time to rock - guest Vilibad Kovač
Promenade Live music and catering"The Trio" & "Nadzorni odbor"
28.07.,Saturday,        21:00 MARINERO BAND
Promenade Live music and catering
01.08.,Wednesday,   20:30  "A capella" concert
S.Nikolaus church Cour "Rašketa", Punat
03.08.,Friday,       21:00 "A capella" concert
Marina Punat Cour "Rašketa", Punat
03.08.,Saturday,       20:30 Opening of the art exhibition
Art gallery "Toš" Jessy Baek (Ji Suk Baek,South Korea),academic painter
03.-04.08. Fisherman's day - live music and catering
03.08.,Saturday,        20:00 Feast with band "Point"
04.08.,Sunday,          21:00 Feast with band "Lady Luna"
05.08.,Sunday National holiday 
Promenade,               8:00 Brass music "Marinići"
21:00 Band "Lemond", Poreč - live music and catering
07.08.,Tuesday,         21:30 Folklore evening
Promenade FS "Punat"
09.08.,Thursday,       21:00 Folklore evening
Marina Punat FS "Punat"
11.08.,Saturday,        18:00 Barufe va dragi - pučka fešta
Punćale/Promenade,  20:00 Feast with band "Fortunal"
15.08.,Wednesday,   21:00 Classic music concert
Parish church
16.08.,Thursday,       21:00 Folklore evening
Marina Punat FS "Punat"
17.08.,Friday,- CANCELED          20:00 Gastro feast - Competition of making fish soup
Promenade Live music - band "Lamour"
18.08.,Saturday - CANCELED Gastro feast 
Promenade Live music - band "Fiesta"
21.08.,Tuesday,        21:30 Folklore evening
Promenade FS "Punat"
22.08.,Wednesday,      21:00 Mandolin concert
Marina Punat Band "Boduli"
25.08.,Saturday,           21:00 Mandolin concert
Promenade Band "Boduli" and "Fontana"
31.08.,Friday,           20:30 Opening of the art exhibition
Art gallery "Toš" Klas Grdić, sculptor
Marina Punat             21:00 Folklore evening- FS "Punat"
07.09.,Friday,           20:00 "A capela" concert
Promenade Cour "Kamelije", "Mažurana", "Puntarke", "Pinguentum"
"Rašketa","Rožice", "Teha", "Tramuntana","Zvonimir"
22.09.,Saturday,        20:00 Theatar performance "Heart and walnuts"
National home Group "Štorija"
27.09.,Thursday World Tourism Day
Professional exhibition
23.09.-31.10. Autumn in Punat
Punat Cleaning and marking of walking pads
01.-20.10. Olive and honey days
Punat restaurants Exhibition of tools and machines for olive cultivation
Special gastronomical offer on base of olives and olive oil
05.10.,Friday,           18:00 Opening of the group art exhibition
Art gallery "Toš" Association for the creative arts "Vali"
13.10.,Saturday,        20:00 Concert of young demo bands
National home
14.10.,Sunday,          9:00 Cycle race "Win the black pearl"
30.11.,Friday St. Andrew, municipal and parish day
26.12.,                      18:00 Christmas concert
Gallery "Toš" is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9-12 and 18-22 hours and on Sundays from 9-12 pm.
Closed on Mondays.



23.06.,Saturday,        18:00 Local feast "Krajanska noć" - live music and catering;sheep shearing
Lučica Performance FS "Punat"
music- Neno Belan & Fiumensi
03.07.,Tuesday,       21:30 Folklore evening
FS "Punat"
20.07.,Friday,           20:30 "A capella" concert
Promenade Cour "Rašketa" Punat
02.08.,Thursday,       21:30 Folklore evening
Lučica FS "Punat"
14.08.,Tuesday,         21:00 Local feast - band "Point"
Lučica live music and catering
19.08.,Sunday,        20:30 Mandolin concert
Lučica Band "Boduli", Punat
24.08.,Friday,           21:00 Local feast with cour "Cambi" & "Tabako band"
Restaurant "Mariana" live music and catering
26.08.,Saturday,       20:30 "A capella" concert
Promenade Cour "Rašketa"
01.11., All Saints, parish day
*The organizer reserves the right to change the program