TZ Punat


We invite you to the CRAFT BEER FEST, which will be held from August 11 to 13, 2023. in Punat on Trg zahvalnosti from 7:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

The best Croatian brewers are coming to Krk to present their hop nectar! Over 20 types of different craft beers await us. Beers will be poured personally by brewers who will be happy to explain to you what kind of beer it is and find the ideal one for you.

For the first time, we are also organizing the BEER MILE race. The rules are simple. Race has 4 laps of 400 meters. Before each round, it is necessary to drink 3 dcL of beer (boys) or 2 dcL (girls). If someone throws up, person has to run an extra lap and clean up their mess. All competitors will be guaranteed prizes. Information and applications at:

For those who don't favor beer, there will be various gin-tonics in our #GinCorner house
Between tastings, WurstLand StreetFood will pamper your taste buds with their large assortment!

For the youngest and our favorite #DesignatedDriver, there will be an offer of non-alcoholic beverages. Due to frequent inquiries, we are also introducing the merch offer of the present breweries.
There's also our traditional #BeerPong table for all those who are bored of the usual drinking beer from a glass.

And many more surprises!

11.8. Dellboys & DJ 
12.8. Techno Vikings & CAT TRIO & DJ  
13.8. The River Sharks & Petra Börnerová Trio & DJ