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8. International Folklore Festival Alpe Adria - CIOFF Fest

1.6. - 3.6.2012

PUNAT - Marina Punat,
1.6. at 20,30
PUNAT - Obala,
2.6. at 20,30


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Alpe Adria Folklore Festival is truly special because there are not many festivals in the world organized by a different organizer every year. The idea emerged one afternoon during the break at the festival in Gorizia (Italy) in the presence of the people from the Italian Folklore Union (UFI), Austrian (Styria), Slovenian and Croatian sections of CIOFF. It was imagined as a one-day folklore group gathering from Slovenia, Croatia, Friuli, Austrian Styria and Carinthia. This event is organized every year in one of this four countries in late spring. The first host was Italy – Villa Manin near Udine in 2005. Beautiful Slovenian Bled followed, in 2007 Leoben in Styria was the host and in 2008 Punat.
This year again the host is Croatia. Punat was selected because the cultural dance ensamble from this town participated in most of the previous events. While trying to turn this one-day event into a festival, based on the principle of CIOFF, this year it is organized as a 3-day manifestation. The festival will have to be expanded both in terms of time and space in the years to come.


Friday, 01.06.2012

Punat / Marina Punat
20.00 h Parade
20.30 hSquare performance

Saturday 02.06.2012

Promenade (Stage)
20.00 h Parade
20.30 h Concert

1. Folk Dance group „Punat“ Punat, Croatia

The group was founded in 1973 and it has three different sections: folklore, tamburitza orchestra and a male choir or klapa “Rašketa”. The town of Punat has only 1,700 inhabitants and most of 70 members of the group are from there.
From the beginning the folk group leader and choreographer has been Mr. Stanko Mihajlović. The musician directors are Mr. Fran Karabaić for the instruments and Mr. Josip Blažević as a male choir leader, and Mr.Branko Karabaić is the president of FG PUNAT.
Their repertoire focuses on local dances from the island of Krk, as well as on dances from the entire Croatia. Costumes are original and reflect the area where the performed dance comes from. They take great pride in the authenticity of the traditional dance of Krk Island they performs, and is probably the best interpret in the country.
The music this particular dance is played on a small and large sopila, a typical medieval instrument, usually made of olive wood.
For almoust 40 years, cultural club Punat toured around Croatia, Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Slovenia, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, S. Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Peru and China. Mr. Stanko Mihajlović has been the permanent artistic director from the very beginning. Mr.Branko Karabaić is the president of FG PUNAT.

Domestic dance from Punat
Dance from the island of Susak

2. Folk Dance Group »Židan parazol« Lubljana-Vič, Slovenia

Folklore group Židan parazol is coming from the capital city of Slovenia – Ljubljana. They share a joy of dancing, singing, music and propagation of national knowledge. It is evident from the name of our group (židan = merry) that they are of joyful nature and lively heart. Their mission is to arouse their children to feel national conscience and to show to all who listen to them and watch them a small part of Slovene cultural heritage, which is so beautiful and rich. Folklore group called colorful umbrella is a young group of folk dancers, which was established 6 years ago.
Six pairs of dancers started to dance at the beginning. There are many groups gathered in association today: the group of children, central, so called core group, two singing groups, group of ancient musicians and the group of senior citizens. There are about 100 members, who are active in the association.
Židan parazol have made more than important 10 presentations in Slovenia and abroad. The dancers attended meetings of folklore groups and they were selected by the jury to be delegates at the national meeting of folk groups of Slovenia. They attended the international competition in Bulgaria FS as well and get the title of European champions in folk dances.
Since the members of the association does not only love singing and dancing, but they also appreciate to promote the ancient clothing styles, they published a special book in 2010. The author Tadeja Pance received many compliments on her first publication about ancient folk clothing styles. The costumes present clothes of hometown that people wore before First World War. In those costumes dancers are presenting dances that were typical for the central part of Slovenia. Dances were popular between urban and rural population that lived in the suburb of capital city Ljubljana - Vič.

1. Od svoje ljub’ce grem domov- splet Gorenjskih plesov (idem kuči od svoje drage... - plesovi iz Gorenjske)
2. Bogu v čast, bližnjemu v pomoč - ples na gasilski veselici ( ples na fešti vatrogasca u vremenu pre 1. svet. rata

3. Folk Dance Group „Klagenfurt-Wörthersee“ Austria

To be a member of our dancing group means not only to beware our traditions and folk-dances but to travel to foreign countries, to know and accept their cultures, to experience community, to be creative and show social engagement.
At the foundation of the Folk-Dancing Group it was decided that the costumes should be from an area called the ”Jauntal”, which is a valley near Klagenfurt.
The colours of the girl’s costumes are blue and pink. This colours can be found also on our pennant. Our dancing program includes local and Austrian folk dances as well as dances from our southern (Slovenia, Italy) and northern (Germany, Czech Rep.) neighbours.
As we are not only representing our dances and culture in Carinthia and Austria, but travelling to festivals all over the world we have contacts and friends in many countries. And also organizing our own festivals in Klagenfurt and inviting groups to our home town leaded into international relationships. Following a list of countries we visited and where we have contacts:
Italy, Turkey, Hungary, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Slovenia, Egypt, Brasilia, Greece, Malaysia, China, Philippines, India, Bolivia etc.

4. Folk Dance Group “Danzerini di Lucinico” Lucinico - GORIZIA, Italia

“Danzerini di Lucinico” is an association, composed from about 60 members, who, since 1929, year when it
was officially founded, has interpreted, researched and diffused the traditions of Friuli, a region located in the
North-East of Italy, which is very rich of history, culture and experiences, thanks to its particular geographic
Several generations of dancers have spread this cultural message all over the world, keeping the image of
Italy and Friuli high. The group has performed its dances, songs, musics and traditional scenes throughout
Italy and in many other european and extra-european Countries such as Australia, Egypt, Argentina, Ecuador,
Bolivia, Chile, Panamá, United States, Canada and Japan.
It is an intense activity which gives great satisfactions both at the national and international folklore festivals,
and when taking part in periodical meetings either in Europe or in other continents where Italian emigrants
now live and where the dancers bring them joyful memories and a greeting from their Home Land.

1. “Tira e Mola” - “Push and pull”
2. . “Ciclamin” - “Cyclamen”

Festival su omogućili:
Ministarstvo kulture Republike Hrvatske
Turistička zajednica Općine Punat
Općina Punat

Marina Punat Grupa
Omladinsko odmaralište “Punat” d.o.o.
Hoteli Punat d.d. Punat
Ljekarna Punat

KUD Punat, Punat
Hrvatska sekcija CIOFF, Poreč

Izbor grupa:
Unione folklorica Italiana, Aviano
Zveza ljudskih tradicijskih skupin (CIOFF Slovenije), Ljubljana
Heimat- und Trachtenvereine (CIOFF Austrije) Štajerska sekcija, Leoben

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Za izdavače: Ante Cukrov i Branko Karabaić

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