TZ Punat


OLIVE DAYS PUNAT 13.-16.10.2021.

Punat restaurants - special dishes based on olive and olive oil, during october to the following restaurants in Punat:

Restaurant BOCOON 01.-31.10.

Tavern ŠTORIJA 01.-15.10.

Tavern 9 BOFORA 10.-24.10.

Tavern SIDRO 05.-17.10.

Tavern RIVA 01-31.10.

Tavern MASLINA 01.-31.10.



Program of the event: 


*Friday, 08.10.

Gallery Toš , 19:00 h - Opening of the photo exhibition “ SEA, SUMMER, SUN” by FOTO KLUB KRK

-exhibition will be open every day 18-20 h till 15.10.2021.

Saturday 09.10. -POSTPOINTED ON 16.10.

By Olive mill ( in front of Trgovina Krk) - 10:00 h - Sales exhibition of tools and machinery in olive growing - ENTRADA Co.


Wednesday, 13.10.

Stara Placa, 13:00 h - Opening of the Interpretation Centre STARI TOŠ

Gallery Toš ,15:00 h - guided olive oil tasting – prof. Olivera Baljak, Faculty of Medicine, Rijeka

House of the municipality of Punat, 17:00 h – Education for olive growers, CPRR


Thursday, 14.10.

House of the municipality of Punat, 09:00 -15:00 h – Education for olive growers, Karmen Karlić & Vladimr Škarić

Gallery Toš, 18:00 – Education for olive growers, David Mrakovčić


Friday, 15.10.

Restaurant Bocoon, 14,00 h – Education for caterers ; Dragan Visković -restaurant Domino, Dramalj



Gallery Toš, 18:00 h - olive twig knitting workshop for children and adults, Sena plus d.o.o.


Sunday 17.10.

Punat, center ,10:00 h  - Hiking to VELI VRH by Fitness centar Koralj, Krk