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Friday 6.7.2012. at 20,30 - 2.8.2012.
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n-dimensional space, 2012., acrylic on canvas, 100 x 120 cm

Neva Pizzul was born in 1950. in Rijeka. She was educated in Split, Cairo (Egypt) and Zagreb. She is University-educated. She starts fine arts workshop at the Italian Community in Rijeka and several art workshops of Rijeka artists. That gives a good foundation, which will enable further development of her artistic personality. She chooses the painting as her expression, a way of life and future profession. She has participated in many art colony, workshops, group exhibitions in Croatia, Italy, Germany and Slovenia, and had a series of solo exhibitions. She has won multiple awards and acknowledgments at home and abroad. She is a member of the Croatian Association of Artists Rijeka, art group of the Italian Community in Rijeka and international art association "SYRLIN" with headquarters in Stuttgart.

Galerija Pizzul, Opatija, Stube J. Glaxa 2
mob. 098 218 515

Metaphoric characters, unusual shapes and daring contrasts of rhythm fulfill the paintings of Neva Pizzul. Metaphysical reality is woven harmonious colors, and invented various elements of quality and dynamic lines that are never quiet, but always vibrant and moving. On the steady tone of background visual elements dance, vibrate and speak their mysterious language, but still leaving enough space and light that the image has it’s own cleareness and lightness. Far from the descriptiveness and representations of reality, the abstract and a gorgeous record has a strong artistic expression. It has its own symbolism and hidden meaning, poetic sensibility and secrecy. Presented motifs are rich dynamic that emerges from intertwined, spills lines, flickering shapes and bold color gradation that starts from the base substrate, growing through connotations, the muted tones of gray and the increases in basic black. In this network of abstract appearance is dominated by dark-modulated drawing. Within it is a boundless expanse of silent color that grows, changes, and carried away by a light purple accent. Gentle and unusual colors give a fresh image and mysticism.

The steady violet light emerges the substrate, uniting a base image. In a world without shadows and volume are developing new plans and deepness, full of enthusiasm and creative games, dream witnesses of missing dimensions. It is the artistic freedom and unbridled gesture of broad strokes, and large-format leads the author to create a series, joined the composition plane, because frames do not exist, and the creativity itself is still penetrating and continuing always new and enchanting.

Pictures of Neva Pizzul fulfill the space by energy movements , such as tone resonance rhythm of image is expanding, and the concentric circles direct us to the meditation. That simple form like waves of stone that was thrown into the sea dynamizes scene circles that grow to their missing edges. In the rhythm of expansion leave an impression the importance of our every act which was never isolated and irrelevant, but always as part of leaving a trail has its echo in the area, a moment of reality and relationships between people. Jasna Rodin, prof.

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