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Ausstellung Ji Suk Baek/Jessy Baek

Galerija Toš Punat
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Friday 3.8.2012. at 20,30 - 30.8.2012.
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Water, 2012., combined technique, 100x70 cm

Ji Suk Baek (Jessy Baek) was born in 1966. in South Korea. She graduated at the Art Academy in Seoul 1989th, and that same year she exhibited at the exhibition of talented young artists in Korea. She has participated in several group and solo exhibitions in which she performed great results.
In the last 10 years in Zagreb taught a number of talented kids in the American International School, French School, German international school as in her own studio.
She is a member of the HDLU (Croatian Association of Artists) and a LIKUM (Cooperative of Artists). Her family was founded in Zagreb in 1995. where she now lives and creates.

Contact: 091 785 3301, 01 2301 224,

Ji Suk Baek (Jessy Baek) is a Korean artist who lives in Croatia for 17 years. In her artistic expression, she combines two completely opposite cultures and expressions. Her art poetry is so very special and creative, and have presented images of a specific range in which the surfaces and lines skillfully combine the lyrical atmosphere of meadows, lakes, seas or still nature. She listens to the vastness views, wide spaces, but also a shine blade of grass and scattered flowers in the field. Her view stops asking for a characteristic, to her attractive appearance, easy, as well as surprisingly quiet and festive. The issue of any such incentive meeting is fresh and unique piece, and under layers of colors, lines and strokes the artist has managed to weave in a picture her amazement and admiration as it offers a wealth of scenery. Walking through a colorful meadows, paths trodden between the tall bare trees, or watching the river towards the sea, lonely coast and broken olive branch, she feels the pulse of nature, variability and rhythm displays emphasizing tranquility and harmony. Wide strokes and painterly treatment of fabric shapes reality full of enthusiasm and tenderness. The scenes breathe balanced rhythm made up of soft tones, from transparency of the atmosphere full of moisture and wind. The selected motifs celebrating nature, its grandeur and beauty, and they are light waves plays, penetrating through the branches, clean and uncatchable, spacious and enthusiastic.
The freshness of colors to the canvas radiating and while open green and blue colors shows the expanse and depth, yellow and calmed red talking the silent language about the joys and emotions.
The manuscript is authentic, free and calligraphic, powerful, untamed, subtle simplicity gives it’s accent: basic black on the snow surface, the blue-silver water flow or restless bamboo line on the lake. On her canvases play the rays of light, impressionistic courage and freshness wraps around motives, they caught the blink of afternoon sun, the scent of morning or evening darkness. The moves follow the changing rhythms of the day and seasons, the winter scenes are easier and purer, as the summer lines has fuller and more luxurious colours. Pictures has no mystery, speculations and anxiety, all open to our view guiding us to stop for a moment and look at the scene.
Maturity of impressionism and fullness of expression arises in the encounter with the primordial space where nothing is restricting the freedom of creation, the vibration of air, water, or the murmur of leaves rustling, dreamy pace is spreading into space. The world is experienced through the prism of joy and celebration of life where every day is special, and every experience worthy of admiration and attention. This simple and pure thought we find in each of her painting, and her landscapes lead us in a world composed of uncatchable light that is in contact with water and the earth, scattered all the splendor of their colours.